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Technical presentations

FFT windowing Télécharger
Excellent Wikipedia document
Scientific and Industrial EMC Télécharger
Single-point grounding versus meshed common bonding network
EMC of power converters Télécharger
AEMC Bearing currents.pdf Télécharger
The common mode disturbances generated by a speed motor drive may reduce the reliability of the motor bearings.
EMI Mistakes and Fixes Télécharger
Common Mode Prapagation in a Cable Tray Télécharger
Common mode disturbance propagation along a cable in a cable tray. Resonances, Frequency notch and Waveguide effect.
Detector response vs PRF.pdf Télécharger
The detector response amplitude versus the pulse repetition frequency of a coherent noise (or impulsive noise) is a key point of EMI emission measurements.

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